March 3rd, 2004



First item, a neat little "interactive animation" snagged from wabbitcalif... but I don't know the title.

Second, I need to draw tonight, as I've currently slipped back to being only two strips ahead -- bad Gneech! No anime for you! If there's time after that tonight, and tomorrow night, I need to do some cranking on BESM so I can have it ready for the weekend. Going into gamer withdrawl. Think I'll put a Too Much To Do List at the bottom of this post. [1]

Third, laurie_robey and I finished the third DVD of Cowboy Bebop last night; that one was packed with oddball episodes, from "the final lesson: never leave anything in the fridge" to Vicious' former squadron-mate turned transsexual fugitive. The most normal one was the senile chess player. I'm still enjoying the series quite a bit. :)

That's all for now. Catcha later!

-The Gneech

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Kero asleep

Longest Evening Ever

Well, I got the rest of next week penciled, anyway, will have to finish inking tomorrow night. Which means that Friday after Kung Fu, I'll probably have to come back home and work on BESM for the rest of the evening.

My sense of time was all wonky this evening; around 7:30, I'd been penciling for maybe 20 minutes but I was convinced it had to be after 9:00. Need to get me some heavy-duty sleep tonight, I guess.

Still, I got a lot done; I probably could have stayed up to ink, but I would have made mistakes and got grumpy and been tired tomorrow ... the nice thing about having a buffer is that I don't have to finish tonight. Mmm ... buffer...

Well, that's all for now. G'nite world. :)

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