March 4th, 2004


Silliness w/ Gneech and T'Chall (Plus, MFF)

Okay, today I decided that heck with it, I'm going to MFF! Also, I had a silly chat with T'Chall...

the_gneech: Le sigh. Is it AnthroCon yet?
tchall: *shakes his head* Not yet. Le sigh.
the_gneech: D'Oh! Want con!!!
tchall: Yeah! Con good!
the_gneech: Mmm, con!
the_gneech: Con Con Con Con Con Con!!!
tchall: Good good good good good!
the_gneech: Weebl: "COOOOOONNNNNN!!!"
the_gneech: Kirk: "KAAAAAHHHHNNNN!!!"
tchall: Pikachu: PEEEEKAAAA!
the_gneech: ROFL

-The Gneech ("When come back, bring con!")
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Kero asleep

Oh Yeah, I Can't.

Oh yeah, I can't e-mail the MFF dealers rep to request an application, because Comcast is "upgrading" their webmail server.

*kicks Comcast again*

Is it time to go home yet?

-The Gneech
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