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March 11th, 2004

Happy Birthday, smrgol_t_kirin

Well, I still haven't managed to draw a picture of Smrgol that I'm satisfied with, but for his birthday I figured I'd try again. This is my latest attempt: for a fellow whose gears are always turning...Collapse )

Be Afraid!

I have just installed "Macromedia Flash MX Professional" at work, and am now going through the tutorial.

Animated SJ newsboxes might be just around the corner! Not to mention that Drezzer Wolf music video I've had in my mind for ages...

-The Gneech

Purrsia Press?

Fun In the SunHas anybody out there heard of Purrsia Press? (Warning: This is an Angelfire site and will spawn popups-a-go-go on your browser if you don't have a blocker set up.) The reason I ask is that I received an e-mail from them out of the blue asking for a submission to their "Swimsuit Special," and I'm trying to decide if I should send off a b/w variation of "Fun In the Sun" just for exposure. (Pay consists of vanity copies, basically, but if I put the URL on them, who knows, it might broaden the audience a bit.)

Any thoughts? I've never heard of them, and they operate an Angelfire site for goodness sake, so I can't imagine they're anything more prestigious than a fanzine. But still, exposure's exposure. Do I have anything to lose by sending them one piece of art?

-The Gneech

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