March 12th, 2004

Yue grim

Weird Dreams

I had dreams about nazis last night; I've forgotten most of the details now, although I do remember a couple of current government upper-ups joking back and forth talking in faux yiddish, and one of them asking, "Why would anyone want to live in Israel when you can just move to New York?" I suppose it was funnier in the dream.

There was also a recurring image of Muslim women covered from head to toe, and men in their long robes and turbans, standing and staring at everyone who passed, not actually doing anything but with an implied threat that they might blow themselves and everyone around them to bits at any moment.

This last part, I have no doubt, was prompted by real-life events, specifically the bombing in Spain yesterday (sigh) and a handful of Muslim (or at least Muslim-looking) people loitering around the building here yesterday. In the current climate, you can't see that without noticing -- there are Federal agencies in the building who are tasked with, among other things, rooting out Al Qaeda. We've had bomb threats and presidential visits, and even though I don't really think that the people standing around yesterday were doing anything but going about their innocent business, a certain amount of self-preservatory paranoia can't help but kick in.

The link between nazis and terrorists is pretty basic, I think; both casually slaughter innocent people for their own ends. :( When hundreds or thousands of soliders are killed in battle, it is certainly awful, but there is a certain amount of, well, choice involved (unless the soldiers are conscripts or draftees of course, but that's another topic all together). When hundreds or thousands (or even tens or ones) of people are just plain murdered, out of context, with no worse crime then happening to be there, it engenders a deep and abiding outrage. "These people never did anything to you -- and NO, 'just existing' does not count as a crime, no matter how much your sick little mind might think it does!"

Le sigh. What a world!

-The Gneech
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Timber Bram

Sorry to post so much heavy stuff all on one day, but I was chatting with bauske earlier today about what I get out of doing the strip, and it reminded me of the last message from Timber Bram. Since Keenspot's forums are so unreliable, I have decided to copy the message here, because I don't want to lose it. It was a bittersweet moment for me, but one I don't want to lose.

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Right back atcha, bud. We miss you. :)

-The Gneech
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