March 16th, 2004


Happy Birthday, jonasbagel and tchall!

And here to wish you a happy birthday, is SCUMBAG THE BIRTHDAY CLOWN!

"HEEEEEEEEY! It your BIIIRTHDDAAAAY! That means it's time to do THE BIRTHDAY SONG!!!


Happy Birthday!
Hope ya don't resent it!
Open up your presents!
Just for you!
Just for you!

*Scumbag disappears in a giant puff of smoke, leaving a box with a rainbow ribbon, marked "T'Chall" and another with a silver ribbon marked "Jonas."

tchall opens his box and *FOOOM!* is covered in a smoking and charred explosion of confetti!

jonasbagel opens his box and *GORSH!* is buried under a shower of marshmellows, leaving only a pair of raccoon feet sticking out from underneath!

-The Gneech
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I'm bored! BORED, I tell you! I want to be at home, drawing, not here updating "news" articles on a website nobody's ever going to see!

Pfui! :P

-The Gneech
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    Seatbelts -- "Want It All Back (Clavinet Haters Version)"

Give Me Some Credit, Wouldja?

Mail, mail
tons of mail
it comes by the bucket
it comes by the pail
hurry up now
don't be a snail
or you won't get
your tons of mail...

Check it out: BankOne sent me two copies of the exact same pre-approved Platinum Visa on the exact same day! Does this mean I can have TWICE as much revolving debt? ^.^ Eeee!

I don't think so, you guys get nothing. *shred*

Remember folks, credit cards are the spawn of Satan.

-The Gneech
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    none, I'd better fix that if I'm gonna draw, huh?