March 17th, 2004


Happy Birthday, galish!

And since it's St. Patrick's Day, here's a happy birthday message from SCUMBAG THE BIRTHDAY LEPRECHAUN!

ACH, it's yer BIRTHDAY, boyo! So sure enough we're after singin' THE BIRTHDAY LIMERICK!

Oh, there once was a mouse named Galish
who had just one birthday wish
which was to be part
of some cool furry art
so we painted him up like a fish!

*Scumbag disappears in a POOF! of green smoke, leaving a pile of empty cans of beer ... oh well, at least they didn't explode*

-The Gneech
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Drezzer cool

Wokachika Wokachika

Who's the silly cartoonist who's a
drawin' machine to his comic strip?


You damn right.

Who is the lion
who draws toons of his fellow lions?


Kenya dig it?

Who's the cat who freaks you out
and puts your sanity in doubt?


Right on!

They say this cat Gneech is one goofy motha f--

Shut your mouth!

But I'm talkin' 'bout Gneech!

We can dig it!

He's a complicated very simple man
but nobody understands him or even wants to...

John, "The Gneech!"
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What's UP (What's UP) Sweet Cakes? (Sweet Cakes?)

What an awesome night! :) Three great things have happened.

First! that the SJ 5th Anniversary Fanart Competition is up and running!

See the Artwork!

Cast Your Votes!

Comment On It Here!

Second! that laurie_robey and I finished watching Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Excellent! I particularly like that the Three Old Guys got to be part of the story. Laurie and I have watched 2/3 of the series, and I am officially a fan now. :)

Third! that I got to do my Bowflex routine again for the first time in something two weeks. Mmm, Bowflex! I miss it when I can't get to it. The recall retrofit kit I was promised a month ago still hasn't arrived, le sigh, but the "Bowflex Interactive Personal Trainer" software I ordered last week did. Go figure! The software looks pretty comprehensive and will require a lot of setting up, but hopefully it will be useful! Or least mildly entertaining.

Now, as I don't have a lot of tonight left, I'm going to zip on outa here and try to get some more stuff done. Catcha later, everybody!

-The Gneech
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