March 22nd, 2004

Kero asleep

Insomnia Has Its Uses...

Well, I wanted to familiarize myself with Boomer Express, and thanks to Insomnia™, I did!

It's sorta like A Wrinkle In Time meets The Sword In the Stone by way of Gozilla vs. Megalon. With a guest appearance by unclekage! Pretty cool. ;)

Wonder if I can get a couple hours of sleep now before the alarm goes off?

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Too Much To Do

Okay, my project list is starting to get unmanageable; this week, in between catching up on my missed Kung Fu lessons, the counselor appointment, and my dad's birthday, I have GOT to get some of this stuff taken care of. What happened to that frantic inspiration I had after Further Confusion? Isn't it time for another con yet???

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Stop, Check Progress, Grin, Keep Going :)

Almost exactly one year ago, I posted a silly little rant about the fandom and wishing I got a little more attention in it; I later came to the conclusion that it wasn't more attention from the fans that I wanted (although that's always very welcome), but rather more attention from fellow artists and creators. It's no secret that I always felt of my writing as being stronger than my artwork, and after uncommented rejections by Yerf and a general inability to seem to make friends among other artists unless they were also comic strip creators, I sorta felt like the situation was not likely to change.

However, if we fast forward to a year later, I feel like I've finally started to make a place for myself. A lot of that has been thanks to cody_frost; he introduced me to cooner, jonasbagel, and others ... and if I hadn't wanted to needle him (friendly-like, of course), I wouldn't have signed up for the Iron Artist at FC, where I actually met several artists that I've been occasionally e-mailing back and forth to but never really connected with. FC is also where I finally actually spent any time in the company of susandeer, mostly by the whim of fate, but that's fine by me. :)

But that's not all! pocket_entropy keeps bugging me to come over to Friday art nights (and I should, darn my eyes!) ... I'm doing an art trade with _litho_ (woohoo! I never get asked for art trades!) ... I'm collaborating on a piece with bauske ... there's plenty more. :)

The point is, I'm now really starting to feel at home as a furry artist as well as a cartoonist, and I'm having a blast. :) It's a terrific feeling. Thank you, everybody!

-The Gneech
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