April 7th, 2004

Kero asleep

Give Us This Day Our Daily Ibuprofen

Daylight Savings Crime does bad, bad things to me, and I wish it would go away. :P In fact, I'd kick Daylight Savings Crime in the family jewels if such a thing were possible, and then make it go away.

"I don't just want Daylight Savings Crime dead, do you hear me? It has to suffer! SUFFER! for what it has done!"


Sorry about that.

Anyway, bauske tells me that they don't participate in Daylight Savings Crime in Indiana ... lucky bastard! I don't know that much about Indiana, except in most general terms (it's a suburb of Chicago, isn't it?), but from the sound of things it's a much saner place than this pit of corruption that I live in.

Speaking of bauske, he is the big big winner of the SJ Fifth Anniversary Art Competition, with twice as many points as his nearest competitor -- who was the equally amazing _litho_. Congrats, guys, and thanks again to everybody involved! Although I wonder if, instead of a commission, Bauske might prefer that as the grand prize torakiyoshi is forced to spell his name correctly 200 times on a blackboard. ;)

For myself, I have managed to achieve precisely "bupkis" this week, no strips, no art, no nothing. I've been so dang tired that at night all I have the energy to do is sit, nursing a low-level headache, and stare at the computer. As it is, I'm seriously reconsidering my decision to come in to work today. I'm gonna be working late on Friday thanks to the mental giants at NIMH anyway, so I might not lose any vacation hours if I go back home, get some sleep, then work via remote connection in the afternoon.


-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

Oho! I could get used to this.

Thanks to a heads-up from _litho_, I have found SHOUTCast and am happily bopping away. So web radio isn't as dead as I thought! Thanks, bud. :)

-The Gneech

PS: After 2 1/2 hours of sleep, I'm working from home this afternoon, as I was contemplating. Mmmm, sleep! I'm back in the land of the living, woohoo!
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