April 12th, 2004

It Stinks

The Fourth Tower of Inverness

First: Happy belated birthday, trpeal!

And now, on to the actual post...

For Christmas my buddy hantamouse gave me, among other things, a 6-CD set of "The Fourth Tower of Inverness," a radio drama made in 1972 by "ZBS Productions." I'm not sure exactly why this particular item looms so large in his mind, but apparently he encountered it sometime in his youth and it made a big impression on him.

Having spent Saturday and Sunday pretty much in the car listening to it, I can see why it appealed to him at first; the first hour or so is pretty intriguing, sorta like an H.P. Lovecraft story as dramatized by The Firesign Theatre ... it's whimsical and lightly amusing, while simultaneously having that feeling of "weird menace" that Lovecraft loved so well.

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As an amusing side note: in 1979, TSR published a tournament adventure, The Ghost Tower of Inverness, which I can only guess was at least inspired by the radio play. The adventure is set in Greyhawk (as pretty much all the early D&D stuff was) and "Inverness" is the name of the tower rather than a place. The tower is supposedly an ancient creation predating the twin cataclysms and the great migration ... all very well and good, but why would an ancient Suel(?) wizard name a tower after a Scottish bay? ;P (Obvious answer: it's just D&D, you should really just relax. Oh well!)

-The Gneech
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