April 14th, 2004

Kero asleep

Use the Dork, Luke!

So Laurie let me borrow her copy of Knights of the Old Republic and I started playing it. It's pretty much Neverwinter Nights does Star Wars d20 ... same Bioware engine as NWN, but instead of D&D this game is set in a variant of the Star Wars universe. (It's set "4000 years before the Empire," when the Jedi are all over the place, and there's a war going on between the Republic and the Sith." So it has a lot of the familiar Star Wars races, but different droids, ships, and "Sith troopers" instead of stormtroopers.)

This morning, I uninstalled it. Not because it wasn't any good -- but because I liked it too much. Twice now, I've gone to just play it for an hour or so around 7:00 p.m., and looked up to discover it was past 3:00 in the morning. Last night, it sucked my brain into such a deep vortex that I didn't get a strip up until after 8:00 in the morning. I didn't miss a day, but I came dangerously close, and that is something I've resolved not to do.

Since it is plainly apparent that I have no resistance against playing this thing if it's on my computer, off it goes. Reinstalling it and getting back to where I was would be a big pain in the butt and it's therefore unlikely that I will do it. If I get so "Man, I wanna play that game again!" that I'm willing to go through all of that, then I will set up some kind of vacation specifically for that purpose so I can play it for days on end without it interfering with things like work and my strip.

I am more than a little irritated with myself for falling into that trap, but I'm trying not to get into "beat myself up" mode over it. There's no real harm done, except for giving myself a headache and burning some of my precious vacation hours to stay home and draw today. Removing the game and getting on with stuff that's actually worth doing, will hopefully fix it.

-The Gneech ("Is there such a thing as a vampiric video game?")
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