April 17th, 2004



I can't actually imagine that a double-bladed lightsaber would be all that useful. There's only so many ways you can move without accidentally chopping yourself in half.

So remember kids, if a plain old lightsaber isn't already munchkin enough for you[1], at least go for dual-wielding with one lightsaber in each hand.

This has been a public service announcement.

-The Gneech

[1] WTF, a blade that can cut through anything, deflects blaster bolts, and retracts to a flashlight handle isn't already a super-twinky item? And we'll overlook the fact that it can only be wielded by supernaturally fast, strong, telekinetic uber-heroes...
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Shaolin Deck-Swabbing

Today was the annual Spring Cleaning Day at the dojo, so I went to class this morning (Saturday intermediate class, starring Way Too Many Pushups), and then spent the three hours after that carrying cinderblocks, climbing rickety ladders up to precarious lofts while carrying shop-vacs, dusting off various Things That Had Never Been Dusted (which were often up above my head -- remember those pushups?), and of course, mopping the hard wood floors of the main gymnasium area, all ~2000 sq. feet. That, at least, I didn't do all of, only about a quarter. But did I mention that I did pushups?

They were still working on the cleanup job when I left, but they were, I'd say, 95% there, and all of the heavy lifting part was finished. The rest was just putting stuff back onto the shelves in the closet.

My reward for all this back-breaking (and tricep-aching) effort: a slice of Papa John's pizza (cheese), a discarded Michelle Yeoh video ("The Touch," never heard of it, hope it's good), and the gratitude of the Sifu. But for all that work, it was a fun and happy way to spend my Saturday afternoon. It helped me feel more like a part of "the community" there, adding something of a personal investment if you see what I mean, and taught me that a tape of Shaolin monks chanting "Amitabhu" over and over again actually makes very soothing music to swab the deck to. All in all, it made for a good -- if exhausting -- day.

Then in the evening, camstone, mooivos, laurie_robey and I went over to jamesbarrett's house for his D&D game (the classic "Against the Giants/The Liberation of Geoff" series ported up to 3.5e); it was a bit slow, mostly because we're still poking around trying to find the plot ("I know it's around here somewhere!") but I did manage to get camstone to lose it completely, which is always fun. ;) Suffice to say that having a magic item called a "Rod of Dominion" is just begging for lots of weird and wacky jokes.

Oh, on another gaming note, the back issues of Dragon came today, including the infamous Issue #300 with the "sealed 'vile' content for mature audiences only" (what a stupid idea that was). I didn't buy this one when it came out 'cause I didn't want to encourage them to go in that direction, but now that it's a year and a half old, I decided to go ahead and add it to my collection. As it is, I probably won't bother to unseal the 'vile' content, because I ain't interested in 'vile' content. As it is, when monsters or evil cultists do stuff in my game, I generally do a little handwaving of the "the depraved creatures are performing such blasphemous rites that it turns your stomach" variety. If I wanted specifically horrible things for them to do, I could easily come up with my own. On the other hand, the issue also had some "Living Greyhawk" stuff that I was interested in, so I went ahead and got it.

But now, I'm way tired, and it's past my bedtime. G'nite everybody!

-The Gneech
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