April 24th, 2004


The Force Will Be With You Shortly, Please Wait Here

laurie_robey ran the first session of her Star Wars d20 mini-game tonight; although she was using a free-download adventure off of the WotC site that wasn't very well written, she did a good job of taking what was there and running with it. She doesn't have a lot of experience as a GM, and none with d20, but the game went pretty smoothly, and was a good setup for the meat of the adventure, which will be next week.

Highlights of the game:

  • jamesbarrett saying, "Let's lookup all those fiddly rules!" and shooting the gun right out of an opponent's hand (hey, why not, it's a filler game anyway!)

  • The NPC baddie staring off into space, interrupting when we tried to talk, and randomly asking for a pen during the middle of negotiations

  • When Frisk disarmed the baddie (above) and then my Jedi used the force to lift him into the air, effectively capturing him one round into the combat, Laurie didn't cheat a way for him to escape, but said, "That's a fair cop!" and let us capture him. It negated pretty much half of the opening scenario, which assumed a chase through a crowded casino, but everything we did was in line with the rules. It's just that the scenario was written with bad assumptions.

All in all, it was fun and a good start. :) So far, Shradha is fun to play (a vain Jedi, whoda thunk it?), and I'm looking forward to more!

-The Gneech
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