May 2nd, 2004


And Out Come the Lightsabers...

laurie_robey ran the second session of her Star Wars mini-game this evening. More intrigues among the Hutts on Nar Shadaa; we needed scorecards to keep track of who was double-crossing (or triple-crossing) who, and Laurie tells us that this was the simplified version of the scenario. After the game was over, she told us some of the stuff that she cut OUT of the published version, and frankly her version was much better.

Shradha got to do some serious butt-kicking this time around ... I more or less built him as a Jedi combat monster, and so he is. The baddies hit him maybe one shot in seven, while he could generally take any of them out in two rounds with decent die rolls. jamesbarrett got to shine too, particularly in his use of the ol' Jedi mind trick to convince one of the baddies that he really wanted to leave. Laurie's NPC, the brainy tech gal with a knack for research, put that ability to good use sniffing out clues we needed via computer hacking. Frisk and I have started thinking of her as our answer to Hermione.

We still don't have anyone in the group who's even halfway decent at diplomacy. Maybe when Shradha gains a level, he should put his 8th-level stat bonus onto Charisma, to give him at least a +1 to his social skills...

'twas groovy and fun. I'm diggin' it.

-The Gneech
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