May 8th, 2004


Because Laurie's Game Is On My Mind At the Moment...

Where can you see Jedi?
Only in Star Wars!
Come play Star Wars
we've got Jedi!

Where can you find Sith Lords?
Only in Star Wars!
Come play Star Wars
we've got Sith Lords!

Star Wars!
Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars!
Where the droids are
and the bantha

Would you believe it?

Where can you see Jedi?
Only in Star Wars...

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Shaoran Action


Knights in white satin are riding across the desert on a horse with no name to climb a stairway to heaven so they can stay all along the watchtower in a white room with black curtains at the Hotel California.

In case you were wondering.

Meanwhile, in topics that actually make a lick of sense, I had some friggin' awesome news in Kung Fu today -- awesome for me, anyhow. Specifically, starting in June low-level classes are coming back to Monday nights, the night I have the easiest time getting to class! My attendance has suffered ever since the original Monday night classes were canceled, but with this new change, I may actually be able to not only attend every week finally, but maybe even go back to attending twice a week, which would be awesome. :)

White belt by end of summer! That's what I'm hoping for!

-The Gneech
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