May 10th, 2004

Boromir battle

Gaming! Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming...

laurie_robey ran the third of her three-session foray into the Star Wars roleplaying game Saturday night.[1] This time, as we were headed back to the Alliance with the munitions we bought off the Hutt crimelord in the last session, Frisk's Force Adept and my Jedi Knight detected a disturbance in the force from a system "nearby" (in as much as anything is "nearby" in hyperspace), and decided to check it out.

Upon landing, we found the crypt of a would be Sith Lord, with a Dark Side artifact that needed chopping up with a lightsaber. ;) Like the other games she ran, this scenario was a freebie off the WotC site, and is so far the only time I've really felt like the d20 version of Star Wars fell into the "D&D with lightsabers" trap that so many of its critics decry. By the time the session was over, I kept thinking, "Ack! It's Darth Tavyani!" -- which will probably make sense to the other members of the group, if not to anyone else. ;) [2]

Playing in a new game has been an interesting study in GM styles, for me. I've been running games since 1983, and as such I have a pretty developed style. Nevertheless, there's always something new to be learned from watching other people do it. Here are some observations... Collapse )

*rereads post*

Wow, this is a ramble, isn't it? 0.o

Well, I guess I'll sum it up by saying, "Gaming good! Weekend being over, bad!"

-The Gneech

[1] Since camstone was off painting Scotland red for the past couple of weeks, the group's regular games were on hold. Now that he's back, we'll probably be picking up jamesbarrett's D&D game next week. Laurie is interested in running more SW tho, and I'm hoping it'll become part of the group's regular rotation.

[2] The last scenario of my D&D game was the characters exploring the crypt of "Dorl Tavyani," a self-aggrandizing illusionist who had a shrine built to himself in an effort to attain godhood. The shrine was cursed and Tavyani himself became a spectre. The would-be Sith Lord in the scenario Laurie ran was very similar. Thus, Darth Tavyani.
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