June 2nd, 2004

Scar Surrounded

Those Goofy Cicadas

So one's flying along, about two, maybe three feet off of the ground, perfectly fine, when it suddenly does an aerial backflip and nosedives into the grass.

laurie_robey and I, watching this, are like, "What happened, did you trip over something?"

-The Gneech
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Rockin' On With higginsdragon

...as athelind so aptly put it...

Well, one week into the new NeverNever, and I'm very pleased. :) (I know, it's only been three days, but Higgins has sent me the art for Thursday and the roughs for Friday, so I have a pretty good idea what the rest of the week is going to be like.) So far, he's doing a bang-up job, and what pleases me the most is that he seems to have a very good grasp on the right "feel" for NN. For instance, at one point he sent me this as a reference for the kind of color palette he had in mind...

D'Awww, foxes!

My reaction was basically like, "Dude! You've nailed it!" Heck, I can almost see Arthur and Beowulf having one of those rambly autumn walks in the background!

It took me a bit of internal wrangling to let go at first; it was a little easier than it might have been because I've been working with katayamma on the color for SJ all this time. But really, what would be the point of getting another artist and then not taking advantage of that font of creativity? As long as we're on the same basic wavelength, then it's just a matter of smoothing out the wrinkles. And considering the indecipherable scrawls I generally do for storyboards, Higgins has done a pretty amazing job of extracting meaningful images out of them. Well done, dude! :)

So, I think, NN is in good hands. :) I hope the readers agree. :)

-The Gneech
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