June 17th, 2004


Surreal Fun With Gneech and Kai

kailucidricwolf: Yea.
Now my last name is Walasik.

However, I still don't have a middle name!
the_gneech: Hmm.
the_gneech: I hereby bequeath you the middle name of "Bob."
kailucidricwolf: I dont like Bob. >.>
kailucidricwolf: I was thinking Lucidric. :P
Since being called Luc is somewhat pleasing and cute.
the_gneech: Why not?
kailucidricwolf: Because I was called "Bob" most of my life anyway, and I didn't like it.
the_gneech: Hmm. Okay. Lucidric it is, then!
kailucidricwolf: Yay!
kailucidricwolf: Robert Lucidric Walasik!


How goofy does that sound? :P
the_gneech: At least it doesn't have "The Third" on the end!
kailucidricwolf: *laughs* That's true.
the_gneech: 'cause, y'know, everything's better when it doesn't have "The Third" on the end.

Like "Thurston Howell the Third the Third" just sounds goofy.
kailucidricwolf: Wouldn't that make him the 9th?
the_gneech: No, that would be "Thurston Howell the Third Cubed."
the_gneech: You were close, tho.
kailucidricwolf: Well darn. That would be more amusing.
the_gneech: Really, who wants to see millionaires chopped into little pieces? Sounds pretty disgusting to me.
kailucidricwolf: Not as digusting as Being Thirsty with a Ho Well.
the_gneech: Eeeeew!
kailucidricwolf: See, I told you.
the_gneech: In that case, I'm having another cookie!
kailucidricwolf: Cache!
the_gneech: ...me if you can?
kailucidricwolf: You dont go anywhere!
the_gneech: What do you mean? I go all over the place!
kailucidricwolf: But you're always there!
the_gneech: Well duh, no matter where you go, there you are.
kailucidricwolf: And if you don't like where you are, there you go!
the_gneech: Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up. :-)
kailucidricwolf: :P
the_gneech: Don't point that at me, it might go off!
the_gneech: Mew?

What I love about these discussions is that they always sound like they're about to start making sense at any moment, but they never actually do.

-The Gneech
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