June 22nd, 2004

Boromir battle

Son of "What Should I Run? (gaming)"

Well, I've received answers from the whole group to my What Should I Run? poll. The results are ... vague.

laurie_robey voted for pulp, saying she wants anything light, not too realistic, and that she isn't keen on the anime idea.

jamesbarrett voted for "anime action, pulp adventure, d20 Modern. Not necessarily in that order."

camstone voted "If you run it, I will play," without comment. However, he's previously mentioned in the past that he wasn't really interested in science fiction or espionagey stuff because it would be too much like his day job. He did enjoy the one session of d20 Modern I ran, a conversion of "Merchants of Terror" from Danger, International, but he had to keep biting his tongue about all the inaccuracies regarding the stolen nuclear device.

So the question then becomes ... what do I want to run? Of course, if I had a clear answer to that question, I wouldn't have bothered to run the poll.

I enjoy modern adventure, but I have a hard time with the suspension of disbelief it requires to come up with stories myself. I can read Danger Girl without blinking an eye at the fact that the heroes and villains are blithely toting guns through all sorts of international security, casually blowing up cars, boats, helicopters, and office buildings without even so much as a "Wot's all this then?" from the local constabulary, and so forth ... but when I try to translate that into my own scenarios, I just don't buy it, and the whole thing comes crashing down.

Then there's the added problem of: if there are butt-kicking action heroes out there, why the hell aren't they handing Al-Qaeda their asses? And I sure don't want to be running that as a campaign.

I love pulp, too, but as I've mentioned in the past that's something I really want to play more than run. Also, if left to my own devices (and I would be, there is almost no published support for pulp adventures), I tend to come up with Raiders of the Lost Ark over and over again.

Hmm ... this is going to take some pondering. I'd really like to do something neat and different.

-The Gneech

Edit: Maybe I should just base a game on what comes up after three tries on They Fight Crime!

He's an immortal zombie werewolf with no name. She's a virginal insomniac stripper with the soul of a mighty warrior. They fight crime!
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