July 1st, 2004

Six Million Dollar Man

One Good Thing About Dead Games...

Via eBay, I picked up all (that's all) of the WizKids Crimson Skies clix except for 1 aces pack and some miscellaneous promo pieces for $50, +$10 shipping.

That's 29 planes from 9 packs -- it would cost me $144 if I bought them retail at Game Parlor.

Pretty swank. :)

The original board game is still muy difícil to find, tho!

Hey, smrgol_t_kirin, any chance I could borrow your copy for a few weeks of mad, passionate scanning? ;)

-The Gneech

Edit: Aaaah! One of my other eBay acquisitions, Wings Over Manhattan, has beautiful maps -- with hexes! But the d20 system uses squares for everything! Oh agony, what shall I do? Guess I'll just have to make hex-based movement conversions as well!
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Van Helsing No D

A Hex On Thee, Square!

Okay, this is getting annoying. LJ ate yet ANOTHER post! Is there some reason you guys keep putting this journal into read-only mode every night just before I want to go to bed?

Anyway, converting from squares to hexes turned out to be pretty easy; the hardest part was getting the hex grid into Photoshop. ;) The math required a few small tweaks, but generally worked out about the same. I notice that on a hex grid, it's easier to move quickly in a straight line, while on a square grid, you can make tighter turns.

That actually made a weird kind of sense once I puzzled it out, given that you can usually make a tighter turn if you're not moving as fast, right? ;)

Okay, I admit it, it's just one of those little bits of "gameness" that you have to put up with in any rule system. It doesn't make any less sense than characters with 50 hit points, right?*

Anyway, for your entertainment and open for comments, Collapse )

Now I can use those lovely "Made for Crimson Skies" maps! I suspect I'm going to have to come up with a CS user icon at this rate, too.

-The Gneech

*In the game's defense, the massive damage cap in d20 Modern is greatly reduced, down to the character's Constitution from the straight 50 in D&D -- so now matter HOW many hit points you have, if your Con is 11 and you take 17 points of damage from a bullet, you're in Big Trouble!
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