July 13th, 2004

Drezzer cool

Re: The Drezzer/Falstaff Sequel Pic

Since I've had a few requests on the topic...

Like the original, soappuppy's Drezzer/Falstaff sequel pic belongs to trejaan, so it's up to him whether it can be viewed or not. I would love to run it as a Saturday Grab Bag, tho ... so if you'd like to see it, maybe you should drop him a note... ;)

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Public E-Mail Change

If you've been using thegneech@hotmail.com to reach me, I just want to mention that I'm changing my addy to thegneech@gmail.com. If you want to send me sketches, text files and whatnot, please use this account. Thanks! And thanks to mouser for setting it up for me!

-The Gneech
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