July 15th, 2004

Torey Rave

Begone, Con Crud! *hackspew*

There's a post-AC concrud going around; I've got it, benbear has it, tygermoonfoxx seems to have some variation...


So this morning while I zipped over to Starbucks for the obligatory grande skim no-whip white mocha and blueberry muffin, the lovely and gracious laurie_robey raided the shelves of CVS and came up with Advil Non-Drowsy Cold & Sinus, which is the closest thing to an allergy medicine that won't knock me on my leonine butt.

So if I appear to be loopy, bouncing around in my chair to dance tunes even more than usual, blame caffiene and medication. ;)

-The Gneech
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Kero shouting

It's Not Fair!

Other artists get to ink! Why don't I? Other artists don't have to throw away pens they just bought two weeks ago because they're only giving out weak, intermittent gray lines! Other artists don't give up on Rapidographs because the $60 specialty pens draw in AWFUL JAGGED LINES!

WAAAAAH! *stomps feet, throws stuff*

I don't wanna be an artist no more!


-The Gneech

PS: Don't take me seriously; I couldn't stop being an artist if I tried. I'm just throwing a tantrum 'cause I wanted to finish two more strips and my pens all died. :P

PPS: redkam is very silly!
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