July 16th, 2004

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Grumpy Tigers

Y'know, I'm worried that I may have started a trend with Conrad; all of the tigers I'm seeing in furry comics any more are either grumpy, surly, or anti-social. I was playing Conrad against type -- tigers are bouncy flouncy trouncy pouncy fun-fun-fun-fun-fun! Just ask tygercowboy or snapcat! One of the reasons I'm such a fan of Tony the Tiger is because, even as an icon for breakfast cereal, he still works as a tiger.

Looking at SJ, I see that my own record is mixed...

Tiffany: Does the Macarena at the drop of a hat, but tends to angst about her love life
Natasha: Had quite a dramatic youth, but is cheerful and flirty in her maturity
Conrad: Manic depressive
Comfort: Bouncy flouncy trouncy pouncy fun-fun-fun-fun-fun! Well at least I got one of 'em right ;)
Louis: Nerdy, and cheerfully so ... what you might call "intellectually flouncy." That works.

Well, I guess it's time to lead by example! Next time I bring a new tiger into Suburban Jungle, I hereby pledge that he or she will be an exuberant airhead, and not grouchy, angsty, or depressive in any way.

-The Gneech Has Spoken ("Harumph!")
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Drezzer cool

Special LJ-Readers Only Art Preview! ;) [artwork]

tygercowboy suggested that for my MFM charity auction piece I do Drezzer impersonating Elvis (since Mephit Furmeet = Memphis, TN), so I decided to give it a shot. Collapse )

I'm going to ink this onto a page of bristol via the light table and color that with markers, so the auction will have an original piece to sell. Before I do that, tho, I'd love some critiques and/or suggestions.

I tried to incorporate my own advice from the AC "Drawing Dynamic Figures" panel -- whoever heard of practicing what you preach? 0.o

So what do you think, sirs?

-The Gneech
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