July 27th, 2004

Kero Power Tie

Some Random Goodness

Fit the First:

Happy birthday, xydexx!

Fit the Second:

Since it's early, here's a treatise on breakfast sent to me by bauske: Cereal and Milk (strangely enough, all I keep thinking is "Why doesn't he have a shirt on?")

Fit the Third:

Here's a piece of wisdom from diletantte:

Trapdoor Spider-Man
Trapdoor Spider-Man
Does whatever a
Trapdoor Spider can!
  Digs a hole
  Waits in it
Look out! Over there's the
Trapdoor Spider-Maaaan

-The Gneech

PS: I'll write about last night's test later. Suffice to say, I've been through far worse things than not passing my first attempt at the white belt test, so it's a bit disappointing but hardly Earth-shattering. :)
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Le Pew

Incense and Peppermints

Good sense, innocence, cripplin' and kind.
Dead kings, many things I can't define.
Oh Cajun spice, sweats and blushers your mind.
Incense and peppermints, the color of thyme.

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Kero Bluestreak

Art Supply Junkie

MisterArt owns my soul. 0.o

I just renewed my VIP membership for a year and mail-ordered a "Copic Marker Sketchbook" ... no terribly big thing in and of itself ... except the whole time a little voice kept saying into my ear...

"Tria marker set ... 72 colors for only $250..."

Begone, voice of temptation! Until I start putting some actual use into the Prismacolors that I bought A YEAR AGO and have only done like five pieces with, I'm not getting Trias! You can't make me!

"Put the Prismacolors up on eBay ... I'm sure some other artist out there would loooove to have them..."

No! Lemme alone!

-The Gneech
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