August 9th, 2004

Kero Talkie WTF

Strangely Poetic SPAM

From : mikel donaghe [1]
Sent : Saturday, August 7, 2004 4:24 PM
To : "gavin jonte"
CC : "lindsay ladell", "wm winton", "isaias parents", "rudolph rand" <>[2], "pasquale joe", "ahmed dirosa", "merrill santopolo"
Subject : sometimes depression is like a wolf tracing you in the forest [3]

weglatingstekenxmverticalbery xendcomposites `jmelman [4] from eur_op^ean & 0ver.n^ight de.l^iver [5]

Rob also knew his mother's protests would be of no avail; so he continued
to revel in electrical processes of all sorts, using the house as an
experimental station to test the powers of his productions [6]

-----Original Message----- [7]
From: Myriam Rose
To: rob sontheimer; rupert whitworth; angel shankland; bud fried
Sent: Saturday, June, 2004 8:51 AM
Subject: sometimes depression is like a wolf tracing you in the forest

Although the approach to the management of patients with and without
neutropenia is separated in clinical practice this similarity supports a
biological basis underlying our results Another man told me the secret C
men know what women want to hear so they tell us, in order for them to get
what it is they want. I dont know if its that calculated, but it would make
some sense, even if it's instinctual. [8]
casuarina`cea 16 escuela 02amarillor ametalarazurronarse [9]

[1] Why don't I think this is who sent this?
[2] When did I become "Rudolph Rand?"
[3] Well ... yeah, actually...
[4] You say the nicest things!
[5] Finally! The real e-mail! URL removed to avoid encouraging them.
[6] Horror story? Bad porn? All of this and more?
[7] Yay! Forwarded SPAM no less!
[8] So much for poetry.
[9] Same to you, buddy, and more of it!

-The Gneech
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