August 17th, 2004



My dad's in the hospital again; he took a spill at my sister's house and broke his hip. He's over at Fairfax Hospital now, where they're pumping the blood thinner he takes for his heart out and plasma in, so that he'll have enough clotting agents to go through hip replacement surgery on Thursday.

The good news is, after the surgery he should be more comfortable than he's been in some time ... the hip in question was arthritic, so getting a replacement hip will relieve him of that pain.


I'll take some time off tomorrow and go visit him; my mom says that right now he's so doped up that he wouldn't know I was there anyway.

He's a tough old guy, but one of the key words there is old -- he's 80 and showing it. I expect he'll be fine, and maybe even better than fine once he gets used to the new hip ... but this recurring hospital theme is worrisome. :(

-The Gneech
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While I'm at It...

Thanks for the well-wishes re: my dad, everybody! I'll pass them on to him tomorrow, assuming he's awake at any point during the day. :) (I'll be doing the hospital vigil tomorrow, so my sister can get back to work.)

-The Gneech
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