August 23rd, 2004


Saturday/Sunday's Forgotten English

At a call for a meeting of citizens to repair a road in Michigan, the Niles Advertiser winds up with the following:
     Those who would travel it, should turn out and gravel it;
     For now it's not passable, nor even jackassable.

--John Bartlett's Dictionary of Americanisms, 1848

My Kingdom For a Horse
On this date in 1485, England's Richard III is said to have frantically exclaimed, "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" amid the disastrous battle at Bosworth Field, in which His Majesty lost his favorite mount, White Surrey, and later, his own life. Not until a century later, however, did Shakespeare ensure the immortality of this plea by including it in his drama named for the tragic monarch. Once upon uttering these famous words, the nineteenth-century Irish actor Barry Sullivan was confronted by a drunken spectator, who yelled out, "And wouldn't a jackass do as well for you?" Not breaking stride, Sullivan shot back, "Of course. Just come round to the stage door!"

Gotta love the Irish. ;)

-The Gneech

PS: What's the deal with my fingers coming out with "teh" every time I try to write "the" today? Argh!
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Warning: Fanboy. Secure Drool-Guards and Plug Your Ears.

So last night, I'm watching The Funday Pawpet Show and hanging out in #pawpet, something I do from time to time, when all of a sudden Mutt (i.e., Herbie's puppet) says, "Wow, I didn't know The Gneech watched the show!"

This led to the whole Pawpet crew having an extended discussion on how to pronounce "Gneech" (they apparently all thought it was 'Guh-Neech'), and how my name always reminds them of The Cheat's themesong.

Well, while I was quick to correct them on the whole "silent G" thing, I was mighty surprised that I got that much attention. At the risk of doing the fanboy squee, eliciting a "wow" from Herbie is right up there with getting my picture taken with Don Bluth. Eeeeeee! ^.^

Okay, I'm better now. Eheheheh. *blush*

-The Gneech

On an unrelated note, I didn't know that Leona was Russian!
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