August 24th, 2004

Shaoran Action

This Is Not My Beautiful Sleep!

Gah. Apparently my body doesn't want to have anything to do with sleep at the moment. That'll change right around 5:45 I bet. :P But meanwhile, I might as well get up and get some drawing done -- since I'm sure to be napping tomorrow afternoon. :P

While I'm here I'd like to say thanks to kagur, who made a very nice congratulatory post for me that made me all mushy inside. *^.^*

I would also like to send out a virtual hug to spikedpunch, who had a really crappy day yesterday and didn't deserve one. :( Yer good people, Spiked, and don't let anybody convince you otherwise!

Regarding the belt test, I wasn't actually expecting to take it again so soon. Between being busy, being wiped out by the Unbearable Augustness of Being, and staying at the hospital with my dad, I've been out of class a lot the past couple of weeks. I figured I'd do some more reviewing and have my test either early next week, or after Dragon*Con.

Thus, I didn't even realize Sifu was administering the test again at first. He took me over to the punching bag and told me to do various maneuvers, and I thought we were just doing review. Then he started asking me questions about the practical applications (including the stuff I missed last time); when he had me pull out the floor mat and start doing the rolling and falling, I was sure. "Yeeks! He's testing me again! But I haven't done enough review, argh!"

I didn't exactly ace the test -- but I did get correct the stuff I missed the previous time. More importantly, when Sifu said, "That's incorrect, think about it and try again," I would realize what I did wrong and do it right on the second try.

So now, I've got to go back and work on getting right on the first try. ;) I've also gotta work on scrunching those stances down, too, I'm still riding too high in them. But great googily-moogily, it's hard!

Anyway, I'm gonna go draw until I'm drowsy now. See you in the morning, all. *groooan* :P

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Shaoran WTF

Dorky SPAM

Okay, I've got a SPAM message from somebody named "Mr. Tweeter," with the subject line, "Make your scallywag massive."

My brain hurts!

-The Gneech
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Danger Gneech! [artwork]

The amazing neverwench did this piece as a commission for me, and all I can say is "WOW!"

Collapse )

How COOL is that! Lady, you rock!

Speaking of both beefcake and Neverwench, kelloggs2066 and I have been having an interesting conversation on the topic of beefcake. Warning! Link contains topless pics of Cary Grant AND Randolph Scott!

And speaking of Cary Grant (well, it's a stretch, but not as much as you might think), I talked to my dad today. He's been moved to a rehab clinic until he learns to walk again, and is bright and alert, if a little grumpy. It's quite a relief to hear the strength back in his voice; when I talked to him on Friday he was slipping in and out of consciousness due to pain and painkillers. I'll probably go visit him tonight.

I think that's all the news that's fit to digitize at the moment!

-The Gneech
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