October 3rd, 2004

Boromir battle

Dem Giants Ain't So Tough (He Said From the Back)

More slogging through frost giants in jamesbarrett's D&D game; we're taking them down quite quickly now, as giants go, but it still takes forever to play out just because of the sheer amount of MATH involved. As a group, we can do Metric Boatloads of damage in a turn ... but giants can suck up that and more.

Theran did toss what I hope will be a mean curveball to the giants, in the form of doctoring some dispatches from one of their leaders to another. We then covered our tracks by disposing of the bodies of the various giants we slew in the last session and this one, making look as if those giants simply took off, rather than having been blown to bits by fireballs and the like. Why do this, when our eventual goal is to slaughter just about everybody and everything in the place anyway? In a nutshell, I want to sow confusion and distrust among the other giants, who we're going to have to face eventually. It may come to nothing, who knows, but it's worth a try, and certainly a lot more interesting than just going from room to room rolling dice until all the monsters are dead.

I am enjoying this game quite a bit; I love the classic feel of fighting giants in Greyhawk ... this is the type of adventure I could see a mythological hero such as Beowulf or Sigurd going on. I've mentioned before that I prefer that to the "Doctor Who" feel of traipsing around different planes, or the "Diablo/Doom" feel of fighting demons, devils, and that kind of thing.

I have volunteered to run some of my D&D game next, only what, six months or more since the last session of it? kamau_d_lyon is due to visit next weekend, tho, so we may or may not play then, depending on how things go. But for now, I'm tired and need to head to bed. G'nite. :)

-The Gneech
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Weekend Update

NeverNever should be back in operation, returning to the one-week-per-month schedule, starting on October 11th. This is so higginsdragon can recover from his various health problems and catch up with his classes.

laurie_robey and I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow today. It was quite good, even though it had Gwyneth Paltrow in it. It was basically one of those old Fliescher Bros. Superman cartoons, except with Superman taken out and a guy in a Q-branch issue P-40 put in. :) Lotsa fun. :) Unfortunately, completely lost on contemporary audiences. :( (Normally, I'm less-than-keen on Angelina Jolie, too, but I actually liked her in this movie. The role suited her.)

NOTE: Great soundtrack. :) Buy it.

We finally got some relaxing in, which has been badly needed. I'll spare you the details, but work has really been obnoxious the past two weeks, and as you could probably tell from one of my recent posts, it came to all-new heights of obnoxiousness on Friday. I can't exactly say I'm eager to face it again in the morning, but I am at least mentally and emotionally recharged.

That's all for now; I'm going to bed. G'nite, and have a wonderful tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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