October 13th, 2004

Legolas Nah

Random Gaming Memories

Sometime in late high school, jamesbarrett decided he wanted to run an AD&D game with high level characters right out of the gate, because no campaign he'd run or been involved with had lasted long enough for anyone to get past 5th. For said game, I created a bard, by the name of Zaragreth Greycloak. (Hey, it was high school, cut me some slack.)

In those heady days of AD&D, bards were a kind of super-class, and sort of a precursor to the modern prestige class. You had to have ridiculous stats and take a boatload of levels in fighter, thief, and magic-user before you could even start taking levels in bard. (Kinda funny, considering how these days bards aren't really good at much of anything except in the hands of a really good roleplayer ... but I digress.)

I don't have a lot of memories of that game; Frisk does, of course, but he was the DM. Really, only a handful of scenes stick in my mind, and I was reflecting on one of them this morning for no particular reason.

The group of us (which besides myself probably consisted of hantamouse, murrrmaiyd, and praeriedog, with possibly the long-lost Ricky Yoshida as well) were set upon by a pack of wolves, who were between us and our goal -- which was, IIRC, a princess we were endeavoring to rescue. The wolves were charging toward us, and I came up with the idea of leaping into the air and jumping from wolf-to-wolf as they ran past, slashing at them with my sword as I went.

It sounds ridiculous to me now, but it does kinda work in a out-there, anime sort of way ... and after all, this was AD&D, where 12th level characters were just this side of Superman. (And heck, if Legolas can surf down a mumakil's trunk, surely my super-bard can leap from wolf-to-wolf, right?)

The problem was that I hadn't declared that I was going to draw my sword, so Frisk said, "You're jumping on the wolf's back, unarmed? He gets to attack you."

ME: "Of course I wouldn't do it unarmed! I have my sword out."

FRISK: "You didn't say you have your sword out."

ME: "Well, I forgot. But Zaragreth wouldn't."

FRISK: "Okay, well as Zaragreth's running towards the wolf, he realizes he doesn't have his sword out and thinks, 'Hey, something is wrong here.' So you're drawing your sword as you jump on the first one, and he still gets to attack you." *dice roll*

On the whole, looking back on it, that was a pretty good way to handle it. :) I don't remember how the rest of the encounter went now, but I would presume that we defeated the wolves and rescued the damsel in question. But the mental image of my bard, running flat out towards the wolves and suddenly thinking, "Holy crap! Sword!" has always stuck with me. :)

-The Gneech
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And Bam, He's Down. He's Down!? WTF?

After however many tries last night, this evening I said, "Okay, let's try this and see where it gets me." I then cranked my guy up on buff potions (particularly owl's wisdom to boost his Willpower save vs. the fear effect, cat's grace to crank up his already-prodigious Dex bonus to AC and Reflex save vs. the mummy's various spells, and bull's strength to give him a little strength bonus to damage with that undead-slaying mace that so far hadn't done much). And instead of finessing my way in, cleaning up the skeleton warriors, and then concentrating on the mummy, I just ran across the room and started bashing on him.

The mummy went foosh! in about six rounds. 0.o This is the hellacious abomination that took me an hour to give up on last night???

Once he was gone, the skeleton warriors were no real threat. Of course, my henchman died again, but she's used to it by now. I've decided to give her a vacation and take Deekin the kobold bard around with me for a while instead.

The rest of the evening was spent having a lovely shrimp dinner, buying a few more miniatures I don't need, and doing some drawing and mapping. All in all, a nice way to spend the evening. :)

katayamma, you'll get SJ tomorrow morning, I promise. ^.^

G'nite, world, and have a wonderful tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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