October 27th, 2004

Yue grim

Tough Breaks for Breakers

Alas, Breakers Billiards, my favorite pool hall, is closing its doors forever on Saturday. They were changing management this time last year due to poor profits, and I can only guess that the profits didn't get any better.

I'll miss the place, even though I hadn't been there as often as I used to. A few times during my depressive period, and in particular when working at Starbucks was really getting me down, Breakers managed to pull me back up.

I tip my Bailey's in your honor, Breakers. You were a good friend.

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

Two Things, Then Bed

1) Suddenly, I have scripts again, and the strip will be up and running at full steam on Nov. 1 as advertised. This is quite a relief for me, as I wasn't making much progress and was starting to get worried. :) All it took was a good kernel of an idea, and this one not only picks up a current storyline and runs with it, but is quite a twist from the SJ status quo.

2) Finally, a lunar eclipse that isn't completely hidden by clouds! At least, not 'til it was in totality. This makes, what, the third I've actually gotten to see in my lifetime?

That's it. :) Good night.

-The Gneech
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