November 3rd, 2004

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Moving Right Along...

Well, not having any preconceived notion of how the election was going to go, I can at least honestly say I'm not surprised. I can't honestly how I do feel about it, however, because I can't seem to find anything but "Le sigh." We've chosen a kick in the stomach over a bat to the head. Whee. ;P

-The Gneech
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Scar Surrounded

Well, Somebody Gets It!

From apocalypsos via metaquotes:

Eleven states approved a ban of gay marriage. Congratulations, guys! You just approved a ban on something that harms no one! Next up on the banning agenda -- books, puppies, wearing white after Labor Day, and Ben Affleck, who's not harmful, just annoying.

-The Gneech
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Vote Six

Another Good Post From jakebe...

[O]ne of the surprisingly good things to come out of the election results is we can stop expecting the government to be there for us, to protect us, to make sure we're well taken care of and that our interests are going to be taken to heart. We *know* that the Bush administration has an agenda that leaves a little under half the country (possibly more, people who voted for Bush are still going to be hurt by his policies) out in the cold. And with that knowledge comes a freedom and responsibility to look out for ourselves, our rights, and our fellow man. The government isn't going to help the elderly or poor; it's up to us to do it. We can *still* be democracy in action and good, decent Americans, by stepping up to the plate and doing whatever it is life brings us to do.

Very much YES. But why wait until now to start doing that? "The state" has always been at best a necessary evil, and in many cases the "necessary" part wasn't true either. (How many dictatorships have basically had the guy at the top be a leech who did nothing but get fat on the toil of his subjects, for instance?)

The government never really was going to help the elderly or poor, it just said it was to get the populace to accept another tax hike. If you want the elderly or poor to be helped, then get out there and DO it! (For myself, I want tigers to keep on existing, so that's where I funnel my charitable works. I figure the elderly and the poor have got other folks watching their backs.)

Live a good life, for yourself, about yourself, and in spite of the government. Obey the law, pay your taxes, and do your best to vote the bums out. But take it from a lifetime inmate of Washington, the previous administration wasn't any less evil than the current one, they just had better P.R.

-The Gneech
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It's a Lion!

My order is in at Game Parlor! A bunch of Reaper miniatures and some paints ... in between SJ, Kung Fu, and relaxing with laurie_robey, I've decided to break down and do some minis. I'm also going through my old minis and finding ones that I never did or never finished, to do some of those. I am also going through my rather large minis collection and weeding out old or broken ones that aren't worth keeping, or even just ones that really weren't that nice to begin with, for discarding one way or another.

If Game Parlor has one of this guy, I might pick him up too ... even though I have a double handful of felines in the mini collection already. I can always use more! Especially lions.

Speaking of lions, what a dork. (From lionfurs.)

Speaking of dorks, snagged from chef_troy: Interior Desecrators. *shudder*


-The Gneech
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Boromir battle

Yeah, I'm a Geek. So What?

Well, they didn't have the lion man. (They did have a saber-toothed tiger guy, but I didn't buy 'im. I had enough on my plate.)

I picked 8 miniatures, some of them new, some of them I've had for a while, with the intent of getting them painted before I run D&D again. Four of them are "trainer" figs that came with the Reaper paint sets, which I want to do to get myself back into practice, as well as using some more up-to-date techniques than I used to. One of them is a figure of jamesbarrett's that I took a long time ago with the intent to paint and never got back to him ... I will probably try to expedite that one so I can take it to our next session (in two weeks). One of them is for a future PC I hope to play sometime. Two of them are for characters in my campaign.

I also repaired a terrific displacer beast miniature I've had for some time, that one of the tentacles fell off of. Strangely enough, he was originally purchased (by praeriedog, I think) to be a figure for hantamouse's very unusual Champions character. His paint job has suffered a bit over time, so I'll probably touch him up a bit and maybe add a few flourishes this time around as well.

And I'm gonna do all this in half-hour increments on evenings when I'm not drawing or going to KF. Think I can do it? 0.o

Should be fun!

-The Gneech
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