November 27th, 2004

Kero asleep

Random Art Musing

Muse the First:
After a while, browsing VCL just makes me say, "Yikes." 0.o On the other hand, Yerf has been a bit of a yawnfest lately. Oh well, these things come in waves.

Muse the Second:
I wonder how I can get an art trade without having to do any art in return?

Editor: Um, Gneech, that's not an "art trade." That, if it has a name, would be an "art gimme."

Oh. Well, I wonder how I can get an art gimme then.

Editor: Dude, if you want some art, why not support a friggin' artist and BUY it? Ya hypocrite.

Well, I would, but ... well...

Editor: But what?

But the artists I want charge a ton of money and are never accepting commissions anyway 'cause they're too busy. I mean, there are a lot of nice artists out there, and I wish them lots of luck and all -- but if I'm going to buy art, I want to buy art from one of my heroes, and they aren't selling any. Or if they are, they're charging more than I can afford to pay 'em. Most of them are pros, after all.

Editor: You bought some art at MFF. Why not just stare at that for a while?

Well ... yeah ... I could do that. But I have a particular theme in mind, and I don't have any art that matches it.

Editor: So draw it yourself!

I don't WANT to draw it myself, ya dumbhead. Have you even been READING this?

Editor: You're tired. Go to bed.

Hmm, that sounds like a good idea, actually.

-The Gneech


PS: I don't really want an art gimme, I was just whining. *^.^* Thank you for the offers, tho!
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