November 29th, 2004

Torey Rave


Greg was dancing in the kitchen when Brigid came staggering in; she wasn't sure if this would hold up in court under the "he needed killing" provision ... but if she'd had the energy, he'd have been a dead man.

"What," she managed to croak out, "are you doing?"

He didn't answer, just did a weird kind of shimmy as he poured cereal into a bowl.

"Whaaaaaat," she croaked a little louder, "are you doooooing?"

"The kisses are the same!" he sang. "All around the world, la, la, la-la-la-la!" He then twirled in place and, spotting her suddenly there, shrieked like a cheerleader. Bowl, cereal, and portable CD player with earphones exploded into the air, as he jumped back three feet and landed hard on his butt.

"Okay," Brigid said, reaching for the coffeemaker. "That works."

-The Gneech

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My Eccentric (But Super-Nice) Friends >^.^

Tonight the Bailey's and Oreos arrived. :)

A bit of background: several conventions ago, I had the good fortune to hang out at a room party with several friends, including vik_thor, who brought some Bailey's Irish Cream. There were also Oreos, which was my travel snack of choice at the time, and much fun was had by all dunking the Oreos in the Bailey's. Super-concentrated sugar, and booze! Mmmm, good times. ;)

Fast forward a handful of years and lots of water under several bridges to this past MFF in Chicago, where tygercowboy had invited mammallamadevil and myself out to dinner. TC informed me, "By the way, we've got your favorite for later: Bailey's and Oreos." "Ha, ha," I think to myself, "that TC, what a card."

But no, he was serious, he'd schlepped a very nice bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream and a bag of Oreos from St. Louis to Chicago, for the sole purpose of spoiling me at random. (Or semi-random ... I think he's trying to get in early on that whole MFM GOH thing.) The only problem was, I didn't see him after dinner! I rode to dinner in bauske's car and he had to rush back to get to an event ... when the Old Country Buffet party got back, I was probably sitting in Groat's panel for a few minutes in preparation for going down to the hotel lobby and working on homework all evening.

So then on Sunday, TC graciously gave me the Bailey's and Oreos anyway -- probably to avoid schlepping it home as much as anything. I felt bad about not sharing it with him as he intended, but like any planned event at a con, it was just one of those "didn't work out" things. This left me with a problem, however, in that my suitcase was packed to capacity as it was. Once again, a friend stepped in to assist, namely mammallamadevil, who had the still-unopened foodstuffs shipped to me.

So Tyger, I promise I'll bring the Bailey's to MFM. I doubt the Oreos would still be in any shape to consume at that point, tho, so I'll supply a new bag then.

Meanwhile, I have wonderful friends. >^.^< I love you guys!

-The Gneech
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