December 17th, 2004

Party Guy

Not Really Overheard

"The phrase 'jump the shark' has so totally jumped the shark."

"Yeah, it's so fifteen minutes ago."

"Dude, the phrase 'fifteen minutes ago' is so fifteen minutes ago."

"Okay, you can shut up now."

-The Gneech
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I'm supposed to run D&D tomorrow! But I don't have enough prepared! I spent the past three nights working on today's SJ!

Gaaaah! *runs around in several circles*

Okay, calm down, deep breaths ... I know generally what kind of monsters I want to use, and I know what the "big events" are gonna be. So all I need is a map, stats, and a few details. Basic layout of the wizards' guild I've got, so that leaves rough outlines of the organization, names and a couple of touchstone traits for the guild members who are around when the PCs get there.

Miniatures I wanted to paint, alas, are not painted. But we'll survive that.

This adventure is primarily a big honkin' dungeon crawl ... which fortunately is easy to do off the cuff.

Okay. I can cope.

-The Gneech
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