January 12th, 2005


Farewell Wabbit

Wabbit (wabbitcalif) passed away last night. What do you say, besides "ouch?" :(

I don't think words can express how fond I was of Wabbit; we weren't close friends, but that was more a matter of circumstance than anything else. To say that Wabbit was lovable is like saying the ocean is a wet place where fish hang out.

I knew Wabbit mostly via text, early on from the alt.*.furry boards, later from her LJ. The one time I met her in person was at Further Confusion 2002. I was walking along in the hotel lobby, mind off who-knows-where, when a perky voice behind me calls out, "Rumble???" ("RumblePurr Lion" was my handle on the boards.) I turned around and saw a shortish, roundish, grinning woman who lit up the whole room. Eyes shining like she'd just received the Best Christmas Present Ever, she beamed, "Hi!!! I'm Wabbit!"

And that was what Wabbit was like ... she was the kind of person you want to kidnap and take home just to brighten up the place. Even when she was cranky she was perky, and she always looked for the positive. I always admired that about her, and I always will.

Farewell, Wabbit. I'll miss you. (And thanks again for the MST icons!)

-The Gneech

PS: Her husband, ursuscal, is endeavoring to raise funds to pay for the scattering of her ashes in the "Trees of Mystery" park. I have sent him a little something to help ... if you would like to do so as well, you can see the details here.