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January 20th, 2005

Gratuitous Icon Post!

hantamouse should like this one.

-The Gneech *eek!*

Hey, Anyone Who Went to FURTHER CONFUSION!

Did you somehow end up with a t-shirt featuring Snoopy and a hockey motif, and you have no idea where it came from?

If so, it belongs to mammallamadevil! It was bought for her at the Snoopy Museum on Thursday, and went AWOL on Saturday. We're guessing that it got mixed in with stuff around the table and ended up going home with the wrong person.

If you have it or know who has it, please contact me ASAP so we can get it to her -- she's quite upset that it's missing!

-The Gneech

PS: chipuni or somebody who can post this to furcon, would you mind forwarding it? I can't post to the community for some reason. :(

We'll Be Right Back With More STUFF!

It's post-con bounce time! As such, mammallamadevil and I are working on all sorts of cool new (or revisited) projects and promotional ideas -- not the least of which is the glorious return of the Suburban Jungle Celebrity Chat! Right now I'm eyeing Saturday, January 29th at 9:00 pm Eastern, but that's subject to change as things get hammered out.

But that leaves open an important question: who among the SJ cast do you want to chat with? Take the poll! Or, just comment on it here. Either way.

Also, keep your eyes open for some new stuff coming soon to a LiveJournal near you!

-The Gneech

All You Need to Make An Asylum...

...is a room and the right kind of people!

To that end, I am pleased to announce suburban_jungle, the Suburban Jungle LiveJournal Community! This is a place for folks who like Suburban Jungle and any of my other projects to meet and mingle, as well as to occasionally bump into members of the cast who might pop around from time to time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays particularly, I'm going to try to make sure it gets updated with Character Q&As (sans sketches), tidbits from characters' lives, and anything else that comes to mind. Think of it as something to do on off days!

Join us!

-The Gneech

Last Post of the Day, I Promise!

One of the wrinkles of drawing a furry comic is picking the species for a new character. I have been wrangling with a character idea for next week's storyline for almost a month now, and I'm having a lot of trouble coming to a decision. (FWIW, I had this same trouble with Dover, originally, even tho it's hard to picture him as anything but a cheetah now.)

This character is loosely based on another character I came up with a while back, a bubbly lion by the name of Torey, whom you've probably seen in my user icons. (cody_frost used him in his Zodiac Portfolio, and gave me the original artwork by way of thanks.) However, SJ has plenty of lions already, so I really didn't want to use Torey.

I then came up with the idea of using a panther, which I still may use. The problem with that is that I don't want people to think it's this guy, given that he and Drezzer have some kind of history. Of course, I could just toss in the panther and do my best to make it clear to people, "No, this is somebody else!"

Tonight, laurie_robey and I watched most of the Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons while we were having dinner. (Hooray for DVD boxed sets!) That gave me the flash of making him a coyote, and that even gave me a name -- which I dare not use.

The reason I dare not use it? Well ... *shift uncomfortably* ... y'see, Vince has a character in his stable by the name of Tyrone, who is a bat bartender. When I created Byron for SJ, he was partially inspired by Tyrone, although he was actually more inspired by athelind's (I think) Ironclaw character Lord Rik. I figured "Byron" and "Tyrone" were similar enough to be a nod, while still being recognizably different. Apparently, some of Vince's fans didn't think so. I don't know exactly what they said to him, but there was confusion and awkwardness and stuff like that. It's not a huge deal, but it's enough.

So, when a character pops up and suggests to me the name, "Cody Coyote," given that Vince's new main character is Cody (and in fact his LJ nick is cody_frost based on that character), you can imagine why I'm reluctant to follow that path.

Alas, Cody Coyote, we never knew ye.

But it is a very cool name. Maybe I'll use it ... later.

-The Gneech

PS: I still need to pick a species for this guy.

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