January 21st, 2005

Kero Bluestreak

What's In a Name?

Still working on this stupid character. He needs to be a medium-sized species, comparable to Drezzer, which leaves out anything smaller than a fox or larger than a big cat. Lions and tigers are too big. The character is bubbly and cheerful and affectionate ... think of a male version of Comfort.


Panther: "Hi! My name is Percy, but everybody calls me Perk." Perk Panther? Maybe.

Lynx: ... No, Lynx doesn't work. Lynxes (linges?) are too mellow.

Echo Ermine? Herman Ermine? (Ermines are small, tho, IIRC, like weasel-sized.)

Heh ... instead of Cody Coyote, maybe he's attached to Litho's Magnificent Donkey, making him "Roadie Coyote?"

Sully Serval? Lanny Leopard? Parker Puma? Jet Jaguar!

Considering that this is not supposed to be a long-term addition to the cast, he's turning into a lot of work!

-The Gneech

EDIT: Duh! How about "Brody Coyote?" Hmm... *starts sketching*
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