January 27th, 2005



Snagged from mooncat...

The Normal Fur

This fur is normal, well-rounded, and enjoys a variety of aspects of the furry fandom. They are polite, well-mannered, and know how to use a colon in a sentence (barring that, they at least make an effort at being legible). They thank artists and writers for their hard work. They enjoy role-playing on the MUCKs. They shake their heads in shame at the antics of the lesser-evolved members of the fandom who still act like brats. They nod in agreement with much of the criticism leveled at the furry community by groups like SomethingAwful, but know that the criticism is not leveled at them, specifically, but rather at the morons who go around screaming, FERSECTIUON OMG!

Characteristics: Polite! Very rarely gets into a flame-fest, and then only on the side of good. Probably goes to cons, if able, and enjoys the company of like-minded people. Sexually, they may be some of the kinkiest people in the fandom, or they may be the most boring frozen-fish in the bed. Sex isnt the most important thing to them, though they may well enjoy it. Generally found on MUCKs and chat more often than Normal Furs; doesn't lurk quite so much.

Rarity and How to Cope: These are the nicest and most pleasant furs in the community. Generally interesting. Although rarer than one may like, usually found on Livejournal and other blogging communities, as well as the occasional forum-crawler. Commonly lurking around on newsgroups.

What type of fur are you?
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Eh, maybe ... I don't generally shake my head in shame at much of anything, tho. Never been on a MUCK in my life, either.

-The Gneech
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Time Is Too Uncooperative

In fact, it's a downright bugger.

But the good news is, I got started tonight on next week's strips. So hopefully I can get them done (or mostly done) this weekend, giving me some breathing room next week to work on Tough Breaks.

This poor book ... it really is having a difficult birth. :( Much more so than the other books have so far.

I've got to get it done, tho ... because Carpe Diem isn't going to wait! Working for somebody else really forces you to keep to a schedule, which is occasionally just the kind of iron fist I need. Of course, that was what I hated about writing for the gaming industry: "Write 5,000 words for Mage and have it to us by Tuesday. You'll get $60." On Friday. 0.o I was proud of my ability to come through in a clutch -- but I got sick of having to keep coming through in a clutch, particularly when it wasn't my "day job" so to speak.

The bad news is, I didn't get as far as I wanted on the strips because laurie_robey maliciously played something very interesting on the DVD player. Meanie! ;P Here I was, happily slaving away, and she puts in a new "Making of Star Wars" video with footage of Kurt Russell auditioning for the part of Han Solo.

Like I'm supposed to resist that???

Harumph. And now it's after 11:00 and I need to go to bed and everything!

Life is terribly unfair!

-The Gneech

PS: Waah, waah, waah!
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