January 28th, 2005

Kero Are You Crazy

Art Is As Art Doesn't

Here I am whining again because I want to do more art pieces. For the past several days I've found myself wanting to do something -- anything -- with that $250 marker set that I bought two years ago and have used for a total of maybe 10 pieces. Also, ever since seeing susandeer's beautiful color pencil work at FC05 I've been crying (quietly and on the inside, 'cause I have a rugged reputation to maintain) about the generally piss-poor quality of my original color work. Sure, I can make bright, vivid color pieces in Photoshop, but with that you can never have anything more than a print!

I also for the first time ever got to see somebody ink with a brush at FC -- and not just any somebody, but Walter Crane, who is a fine, fine inker. It was a heckuva thing to watch him sit there and just sorta toss down gorgeous, smooth, professional lines using a cheap brush he'd never used before, and watercolor paint because he'd forgotten to bring ink. Gah! Feeling like a hack again.

The good news is, he and I see eye-to-eye on the difference between Strathmore 300 series and 400 series Bristol. So I'm not crazy! Or at least, not about that subject.

"Well Gneech," I hear you saying (or at least I think it's you, it might be somebody in the other room throwing their voice), "if you're so friggin' bothered by your lack of practice doing original color art, get off your kiester and DO SOME! Dork."

It must be somebody in the other room, 'cause I just can't picture you saying "Dork." But it's still a valid objection -- or it would be, except that I'm not on my kiester. I'm friggin' BUSY! It wouldn't surprise me if I drove the people around me (particularly laurie_robey) nuts because I'm always DOING STUFF. If it's not Kung Fu, and it's not getting ready for the next D&D game, and it's not working on the next book, and it's not my writing, then it must be drawing a strip that's due to go up in 24 hours or less.

I do too much. -.- But it drives me crazy, 'cause I never manage to do everything that I want!

I need to chill out, or my brain will explode.

-The Gneech

PS: But I don't want to chill out. I want to draw! (And write. And game. And go to Kung Fu.)
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