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February 9th, 2005

Lego, Lego, Yay!

Snagged from welah: LegO-Zone: Dragostea Tin Dei

It would be funnier if it was a better match for the original video. What's with all the breakdancing? Still, it gets props for having the Monkees Moment.

-The Gneech

Random Art Shout Out!

bauske pointed me at a new artist[1] today, by the name of Evana. Nice stuff, in a similar vein to the always-great neverwench, but tending a little more towards the four-footed rather than two. She's really got that "Lion King look" down pat ... although the addition of so many white lions makes me wonder if there's some "Kimba" nudging going on. :)

Still, it's nice stuff, check her out!

-The Gneech

[1] By which I mean, "new to me." I don't know how long she's been around the 'net.

More Art Links From bauske

Al Mackey's Photoshop Tutorial

I could swear I'd seen this before, I certainly recognized the title ... but looking at the page I don't see anything familiar! 0.o Weird. Well, time to check it out!

-The Gneech

Google Maps IS Cool!

  1. Go to http://maps.google.com.

  2. Type "17th and Race St, Philadelphia" to enter the AnthroCon Hotel address.

  3. On the results page for that, enter "Starbucks."

  4. Life is good!

-The Gneech

So Very Not By Buddy Holly

If you knew, Mary Sue,
then you'd know why I feel blue
reading 'bout Mary, oh Mary Sue.
We all love you girl.
Yes, we love you, Mary Sue!

Mary Sue, Mary Sue
oh, how The Hero yearns for you,
oh, Mary, our Mary Sue!
We all love you girl.
Yes, we love you, Mary Sue!

I love you, Mary Sue!
And all the other characters love you too!
Oh, Mary, Oh Mary Sue.
Well, come save us, girl,
with your powers, Mary Sue.

Mary Sue! Mary Sue!
You're the villain's daughter, Mary Sue!
Oh, Mary, my Mary Sue!
But you'll save us all,
our angsty Mary Sue!

I love you, Mary Sue!
And The Hero loves you too,
oh, Mary, my Mary Sue.
We all love you girl,
You're our hero, Mary Sue!

-The Gneech

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