February 12th, 2005

Yue grim

Artistic Rantitude

*Sting, singing ethereally in the background...*

I want my...
I want my 'toons 2-D...

So last night I was thinking about this movie coming out, Madagascar, and I thought, "Eh, it might be okay. But really, I'd be twice, maybe three times as interested in it if it was hand-drawn 2D animation."

It's true of movies that I liked, too. I liked Toy Story, and I really enjoyed Monsters, Inc. -- but I would have enjoyed them a lot more if they'd been proper 2D animation.

And then I realized, that's true of every computer game I've ever played as well. Curse of Monkey Island? Gorgeous! Brilliant! Beautiful! Escape From Monkey Island? Funny, but forgettable.

I'm tired of 3D animation. It was a neat and fun novelty, but it's worn off now. It's done. It's old. I want to go back to the real thing.

But we're not going to.

The real thing's going to go away, and only 3D will be left. Because it's cheaper.

That really sucks.


It really, really sucks.

-The Gneech

PS: Yes, I really liked The Incredibles ... but the same thing still applies. Can you imagine how cool The Incredibles would have been if it was 2-D animated with an art style similar to Bruce Timm's Batman, or art that looked like Wil Eisner's Spirit comics? Dang!
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