February 19th, 2005

Torey Rave


My O-Zone CD came today! I didn't get it until just a few minutes ago when we got home, but still. :)

Anyway, one of the bonus tracks is an English version of "Dragostea Tin Dei," given the imaginative title of "Ma Ya Hi." It's not quite as cool as the Romanian version, but it's still kind of neat to hear them singing in English. The lyrics are rather different from the translations I've seen of the Romanian one, however:

Collapse )

It seems like a neat little album; some tracks are in Spanish, as well, and a lot of the love songs remind me of Marc Anthony. I can see why "Dragostea Tin Dei" is their headliner, tho, it's by far the best track (as opposed to the Venga Boys album, which had several strong contenders).

I'm diggin' it. ^.^

-The Gneech
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