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March 1st, 2005

Alvin and the Chipmunks saying "pelvic thrust" was definitely not one of them.

Thanks, makovette!

-The Gneech

Happy Happy!

Have some more belated happy birthdays!

Happy birthday to athelind!
Happy birthday to redkam!
Happy birthday to walksamongstars!


-The Gneech
Y'know, once upon I time I knew of and read just about every webcomic out there, not to mention a double-handful of syndicated ones. And whenever there was a webcomics event, I knew about it well in advance and tried my best to be in on it.

Not any more! 0.o

I sorta knew that was the case ... I pretty much only read webcomics I can get delivered to my e-mail any more (with a few exceptions), and even groups that I am nominally associated with (e.g., Keenspot), I barely pay attention to. But what really brought it home was this Websnark column about something called "The Daily Grind Challenge." I gather the premise is that every webcomic artist involved puts in $20, and then whoever goes the longest without missing a single day (or resorting to filler) gets the kitty at the end. Huzzah. :)

What really struck me, tho, is that of the 55 comics involved, I've heard of seven, and I read one.


There's lots of reasons for this, of course. One is that between working a regular day job and doing the comics on nights and weekends, my free time is extremely limited. But a bigger one is that, well, sooooo many comics (web and otherwise) just plain suck. I remember the day of The Great Comics Purge from my personal links page. "Does the the enjoyment from this comic warrant the effort of even clicking on a free link to see it? No? Then off it goes!" I was amazed, at the end, at just how much stuff I'd thrown away without missing it.

Nothing hones your knowledge of what you like and what you're only reading 'cause it's there, like having just enough time to read a handful! Sort of the "what webcomic would you want on a desert island" approach, I guess. :)

It's also made me think quite hard about what The Suburban Jungle would need to go on the list of strips I just gotta have ... and I've been a little surprised at the result of that inquiry! But I'll leave that to another post.

-The Gneech
redkam stole my work ethic the other day, and now I'm having a real hard time concentrating -- and I got work I gotta get done!


*then stares into space, 'cause he's got no work ethic*





-The Gneech

PS: Two nights with no work on Tough Breaks, le sigh. But more work done on next week's strips, AND a super-secret project for mammallamadevil -- so I'd say I got some good stuff accomplished!

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