March 7th, 2005

It Stinks

Wasting My Wasted Time

If I'm loafing at work, I really should be drawing instead of staring into space, shouldn't I?

Why am I more self-conscious about drawing at my desk, than at other ways of not-doing-the-work-I-should-be-doing?

-The Gneech, trying without much success to concentrate on some pointless government publication
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Yue grim

Time Mismanagement

The worst thing about being unable to focus at my job, is that it puts my brain into Woolheaded Mode and makes it hard to focus on my real work at night.

Tonight, I've got several possibilities...

  • Kung Fu (starting at 7:30 and effectively taking the rest of the evening)

  • Tough Breaks (every time I work on this, the amount of work it still NEEDS multiplies geometrically thanks to that @&$^* hard drive failure ... but I've GOTTA finish it soon if I want it to be on paper by AC)

  • Sketch I've been working on since Friday (Why is this thing taking forever? And why do I want so badly to work on it?)

  • Teenagers From Outer Space (this is what I actually want to do most tonight, but it's the lowest priority by far in terms of accomplishing any goals)

I'm rather worried that what will actually happen is that I'll sit around staring into space all night, 'cause my brain got all fogged up by sitting around staring into space all day. -.-

Stupid not-being-able-to-focus! Stupid boring-and-pointless job!


-The Gneech
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Drezzer cool

What About the Beach? [artwork]

I dunno what it is with me and beaches. Although Virginia Beach is a well-known and popular spot at such things go, I've never been a beachgoing kind of guy. I don't like the sun or the summer as a general rule, and every day that I refrain from going out in public in a swimsuit is another service I've performed mankind. In the words of Woody Allen, "I'm red-headed and fair-skinned. I don't tan. I stroke." Going to the beach, as an activity, is never something I've really done willingly.

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