March 10th, 2005


Cheap Shot Theater

I am very proud to say that I am not a political cartoonist.

I happened to be clicking around various sites and I came upon a gallery of "the nation's top political cartoonists," organized by subject. Basically you had:

  • Cheap shots at Dan Rather
  • Cheap shots at Martha Stewart
  • Cheap shots at Michael Jackson
  • Cheap shots at George W. Bush
  • Cheap shots at Bill Clinton
  • Cheap shots at anybody in the Middle East
  • Cheap shots at airport security people
  • Cheap shots at anybody overweight

Even given the smug, self-congratulatory air that political cartoonists as a body have, actually looking at their work portrays them in an even worse light. As pleased as they are with their own cleverness, they're not even imaginative! On any given topic, half of them make exactly the same damn joke. Talk about moving in lockstep; I don't think it's a case of some external figure feeding them a party line, tho ... I suspect it's just that they all think the same mean, vicious, small-minded way.

I don't want these sleazebags sullying the term "cartoonist." Ugh.

-The Gneech
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Suspicious Package

Ooooh, Mr. UPS Man brought my Trias! 72 sticks of Art Geek goodness!

*tear da box open like it's Christmas morning!*

Hey, only two shades of orange? C'mon, I draw TIGERS fer cryin' out loud!

This will probably take some supplementing. Fortunately, there's a shop not too far away that sells 'em individually, and may have the holders, too.

So now ... what to do with the Prismacolors?

-The Gneech
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