March 26th, 2005

Kero asleep

Uh ... Okay, Cool!

When I was buying soundtracks and such the other day, one I meant to pick up was "Real Bout High School," but it was something like $35 (and used at that) on Amazon, so I didn't bother.

So this evening, laurie_robey and I happened to be browsing at Waldenbooks and spotted a boxed set of the entire Real Bout High School anime series, with the soundtrack as a bonus disk. Now, RBHS had three great episodes, several mediocre ones, and the last disk was just a total waste. So I wasn't really planning to get it; I figured I might one day get the second disk, which had the best episode (the Iron Chef parody), but I was in no big hurry to do so, as it would probably cost $25.

So ... um ... the boxed set was $29.95. 0.o For the whole friggin' series! Plus the soundtrack! At Walden-can-you-believe-it-books!

Okay, Gods of Anime, message received, thank you!

So now we've got Real Bout High School. Go, us! ^.^'

Also, I've had a very exciting day discussing the future of SJ with various folks in the secret cabal. Plus, bauske's pages for Tough Breaks are finished, hurrah!

My muse is content ... and therefore, so am I. ^.^

G'nite, world! Have a terrific weekend while I'm away!

-The Gneech
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