April 4th, 2005

Kero Magic Whupass

Photoshopping My Brains Out

Nothing makes you appreciate how far your art has come, like trying to work with art that's over two years old. Yikes.

Today, you see, I had to dig through my Cabinet O' Bristols to find the original inks for those strips that neither katayamma nor I had high-res versions of. As well as the old strips, I also found a lot of interesting stuff, including some old Whistling In the Dark unused scripts (which might be transferrable), some of my old single-panel cartoon ideas (from a flirtation with the idea of sending to somebody like The New Yorker), and the very first picture of Comfort I ever drew, a development sketch in which she looked way, way too much like Sabrina Skunk.

The oldest strip I had to rescan was this one (notice it doesn't have the usual "Color by K. 'Hikaru' Dickinson" blurb at the top). You can't really tell from the .gif on the website, but this strip was a mess on paper, so I had to spend a lot of time getting it into halfway decent shape again. In fact, most of the strips from late 2002 through mid 2003 were a mess, partially because I was always drawing at the last minute and on way too little sleep, and partially because the pens I was using at the time were crap. -.-

So yes, all you people who took me to task for this post, I admit freely and of my own will that my art has come a long way since then. Heck, when you read Tough Breaks (assuming you will at some point!), you'll be able to watch the art improve on an almost page-by-page basis. 2003-2004 was a period of major artistic growth for me, thanks to cody_frost, herbiehamill, thanks to J. Scott Campbell, and even thanks to katayamma, whose complaining about open lines over the first several months taught me to tighten up my inks. ;)

Anyway, Tough Breaks is now as done as I can make it until Hikaru gets cracking on coloring the missing strips; once those are finished, I've got probably 4-5 hours of work to do left before I burn it to a CD and ship it off to Plan 9!

SET CHEER=WOOHOO! I'll be so glad to have this finished; it's been hanging over me for a year now, and in the past three months has shoved a lot of other important things to the side, including my Kung Fu. When it's finished, I think I'm going to spend a month savoring the freedom before I start on my next big projects.

But for now, I'm off to bed. Strange how a 12-hour day of cartooning makes me feel less tired than an 8-hour day of work. 0.o

Good night, world, and have a totally awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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