April 5th, 2005

Vote Six

Political Dorkage

I was checking out some political essays I found linked on Arts & Letters Daily; my conclusion is that modern political thought needs to either get some decent editors, or learn when to shut the heck up.

Both pieces, by a weird quirk of synchronicity, were about the Democratic party's seeming inability to prevail in elections lately. Both of them had interesting insights, and touched on some profound truths about the American national character, about the Democratic party's role in same, and the nature of liberty. So far, so good. But then the stupidity started. Claims by one essay that "Social Security has virtually eliminated poverty among the elderly" (ha!) and such left-handed compliments as "President Bush's faith in the transformative power of freedom may be extreme and un-nuanced, but it is not wholly misplaced," ... or then a different essay's oh-so-subtle, "This is not to disparage as self-indulgent, latte-sipping navel-gazers and whiners the 48 percent of the electorate that voted Democratic."

C'mon, people, it makes it very hard to take stuff seriously when it contains this junk. -.-

-The Gneech
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Kero shouting

Darn You, Vince! *grr*

For those of you who don't follow cody_frost's LJ, he posted an awesome pic he did this weekend, really first-rate even by his high standard. Not that this is in itself a problem, but now he's gone and given me an idea for a pic that I suddenly really, really want to do.

Mind you, I already had two pic ideas in my head that have been banging around in my skull trying to get out while I worked on Tough Breaks. But now at least one if not both of them are going to be shoved out of the way 'cause I won't be able to concentrate on anything else until this is done.

Grr, I say! Grr, grr!

-The Gneech, sketching frantically

Edit: Blame where blame is due, I'm a little ticked at Ken Akamatsu, too, 'cause he put the initial germ of the idea into my head, but then it was just a little idea, not a "Must Draw This!" thing.
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Torey Rave

Doin' My Homework (Or, the Conscientious Slacker)

I bought myself a couple of tank-tops today. Well, sorta tank-tops, more like sleeveless t-shirts than proper tank-tops, 'cause that's all Target had. If I remember correctly, the last time I wore a tank-top, the first three digits of the year were 197 ... so it's been a while. 0.o

I bought the tank-tops because the weather here is warm and I had in mind to go out and exercise in it. Specifically, to practice my Kung Fu.

Because of Tough Breaks, I haven't been to Kung Fu in over two weeks. Possibly three, I'm not sure. I know I went at least twice in March, but I don't know if I went any more than that. And it's been weighing on my mind. It's not like I haven't done any exercise at all -- I've done a few brisk walks around the lake and the occasional whirl on the stationary bike -- but those are minor excursions compared to the pummelling that is Kung Fu class.

But more than anything else, what bothered me was that I was forgetting, and that's what I decided to put right tonight. If we're going to have Daylight Savings Time inflicted on us, then I might as well use that extra hour of daylight to get out there and brush up my forms, right? And that's exactly what I did.

It was scary how much I'd forgotten. 0.o

But the good news is, with long effort and attention, I managed to remember 95% of it! Which means I will be able to more-or-less pick up right where I was in class tomorrow. I'm so glad I did this tonight, tho -- there are few feelings worse than standing there with a dumb look on your face while Sifu stares at you and waits for you to remember what to do next!

I also held mabu stance for 120 breaths; since one of my breaths is usually ~3 seconds long (I just timed), this means something like six minutes! Yikes, no wonder my muscles were shaking so hard by the end -- Yellow Belt level is only four minutes!

FWIW, I do have one slightly ulterior motive for buying the not-really-tank-tops, which is that I want motivation to work out more ... and the idea of looking good in a tank-top is certainly a compelling one! With Tough Breaks finally out of the way and the warm weather here, I'm looking forward to making more progress on my getting-in-shape goals.

-The Gneech
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