April 11th, 2005



My whole life I've been hearing every spring about the Washington Cherry Blossom Festival, and have never actually taken part in it. So this year, inspired in part by Japan Window, laurie_robey and I decided to go on down and check it out. Yesterday was the last day of the festival, the predicted peak day for the blossoms, and a gorgeous day all at once, so we picked the right day for it! It also happened to be the 18th anniversary of our first date (holy crap!).

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    The Vapors -- Turning Japanese (Go fig!)
Kero Magic Whupass


Plan Nine got the CD with Tough Breaks on it already! Zowie! =:o

Way to go, U.S. Postal Service!

-The Gneech
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    Love Hina -- Cherry Blossoms Blooming (heh!)