May 1st, 2005

Boromir battle

So Then We Killed Him and He Got All Dead and Stuff [gaming]

Well, last night we finished up the scenario in jamesbarrett's D&D game that had been hanging for a bit. The baddie we killed was somebody who's been an irritant since the very first scenario, but purely from a story point of view, facing him now seemed kinda premature. (It didn't help that it was wedged in between pieces of an already-in-progress quest instead of being its own adventure, but c'est la vie.) We found documents that indicate that he was a member of some kind of Ebil Conspiracy (dunh dunh dunnnnhhh), so obviously they're going to be sending more baddies after us now that we've offed him. But as he was the only face we had for them, it won't be quite the same. Of course, we did leave his body lying where it was, so who knows, maybe they'll resurrect the dude.

He was a walking magic shop, FWIW; we got so much loot offa him and his lackey that just about everybody in the party picked up at least one and sometimes two nifty toys. One important thing that happened in this scenario is that one of the NPC's subplots was resolved (the lizardman druid's rival got offed, thus opening the way for him to return to his people). So even though that'll reduce our numbers as we go into the final stage of the giants quest, it'll be good to thin out the NPC-heavy group.

This week, I'm going to try to come up with a quickie one-session scenario for my own game, dealing largely with the fallout of the last adventure (and probably the selling of Darl Tavyani's mostly-worthless sword to the smarmy collector in Bissel for an unreasonably large amount of money). The characters are still due a reward for riding to the rescue of the Guild of the Arcane Path, after all.

After that, there are two weeks unscheduled; camstone will probably be unavailable for at least one of those, so I might try to start my Star Wars game in those two, but that's entirely a factor of how much cartooning I can get done between now and then. The two weekends after that will be taken up by the CA trip.

-The Gneech
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